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YAO provide professional processing and manufacture of custom made Mold Parts, Mould Parts, Mold Components for Medical and Optical Electronics Accessories Manufacturer.

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Yao Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of precision parts and accessories for a variety of industries, mainly on the OEM/ODM (original equipment/design manufacturer) basis.

At present, the company`s major product lines are photoelectric optical aviation and medical accessories, automated machinery parts, accessories for hot runner parts, accessories for hot runner systems, parts for precision plastic tooling, parts for precision press tooling, high-precision carbide steel parts, etc.

The company notes it is capable of developing sophisticated industrial components and parts in accordance with customers` special requirements. With the strong support of some peripheral factories, the company can turn out any kinds of complicated industrial components and parts to meet customers` demand.

Yao currently 100% exports products to industrialized nations. Europe is the company`s largest export outlet by absorbing 70% of its total exports, followed by Australia with 20%, with the remainder going to other countries.