Precision Plastic Mold Parts


Precision Plastic Mold Parts - PLMP001. PLMP001 , Precision Plastic Mold Parts

Precision Plastic Mold Parts

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Precision Plastic Mold Parts:

Tolerance of ID and OD to reach 0.002mm
Concentricity / Roundness / Cylindricity: 0.002mm
Parallelism / Verticality: 0.002mm

Straight Ejector Pin
Shoulder (Stepped) Ejector Pin
Rectangular (Blade) Ejector Pin
Ejector Sleeve
Sprue Bushing
Locating Ring
Leading Pin
Guide Pillars
Shoulder Bushing
Taper Lock Pin Sets
Return Pin
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Precision Plastic Mold Parts
Precision Plastic Mold Parts
Punch Die
Press Die Components
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